The Diet – Recipes

Hello there! thank you for stumbling upon my blog. As you will soon realize this is kind of a ‘dear diary’ of all things pertaining to endo and UC – less so about the woes and more about the positive things. I may throw you a few questions about symptoms here and there, but for the most part I am trying to see (and share) what works for me in every aspect. (Scroll down to keep reading about my diet).

Power Breakfast (Endo/UC)

Zucchini Lasagna with Cheese (Endo/UC) – if you tolerate cheese

Slightly curried meatless french lentils (Endo)

Easy Meaty tomato sauce (Endo/UC)

Edamame and Mung Bean Fettuccine with Pesto Sauce (Endo)

Cabbage Soup (Endo/UC) – if you tolerate cabbage

Rolled Eggplant with gluten-free Capellini (Endo/UC)

The biggest thing for me is my diet. I have developed a diet called it just makes sense. Basically I try to base my diet on what will reduce inflammation and err on the side of healthy as best as I can. Generally speaking this is what I eat…

  • Sugar: I have removed refined sugars and sweeteners – instead I use honey, or maple syrup to sweeten my coffee. I also juice with fruit especially when in a flare up with UC. Its literally the best way to obtain nutrients without eating all the bulk.
  • Wheat: I have limited my wheat intake as it is causes endo belly, (and contains too much fiber for UC) but cannot say I have cut it out entirely as it is the perfect solution for UC flare ups.
  • Corn: Corn flour is one thing, but corn starch is a detriment. Sadly this means I do not bother with gluten free pastas as they replace wheat/semolina/durum with corn flour and corn starch. At this cost I would rather eat whole wheat pasta when I have a hankering.
  • Dairy: If I eat dairy it has to be high fat content. While this sounds counter intuitive to the endo diet, the lower the fat content the higher the sugar content. I have tried my hardest to take milk out altogether and have found soy milk to be an excellent replacements if you get the unsweetened one.
  • Meat: I tend to err on the side of caution when it comes to meat. With the combination of endo and the lack of gallbladder, unlike with my philosophy with dairy I choose meats that are low in fat content. Raw meat does not sit well with me, so Im usually that person who orders her steak ‘overcooked’. At home I stick to chicken and pork, which is also UC friendly.
  • Seafood: Fish is great for all things inflammation. In most cases I like white fish, and Im still working on salmon as it tends to be finicky with my UC. As a general rule I try to stay away from raw fish although ceviche is sometimes too hard to resist.

Another major part of my routine is probiotics. One probiotic a day can do wonders for your insides, in conjunction with your diet. One should not substitute one for the other. If you are to take a probiotic, try choosing one with at least 10 strains of bacteria and as high a number of live strains per capsule as you can find. There is some correlation between high strain count and vaginal health, so if you choose the right probiotic it will help with both the gut microbiome and the vaginal microbiome.


For the reasons of Visanne and the steroids I have also incorporated daily doses of calcium and vitamin D.

I have denoted each recipe with either ‘endo’ (Endo friendly) and/or ‘UC’ (UC friendly) with some notes within the recipe to help you make some informed decision.  Ingredients in brackets are those to be added only if it works for your diet.  I really hope these work for you as I know resources are limited. Please email me if you need anything!