Natural Products

With inflammation comes a lot of ups and downs with our bodies. Be it the inside or the outside of our bodies, there are just certain things like acne or poops that could use a bit of help from the outside world. I used to laugh when people would say ‘my body is a temple’ but truth be told I dont want to put anything in or on my body that wouldnt also be safe to feed my dog. An odd way of looking at it but if their diets are built around what can be found in nature, so too should ours.

With products is can be a little bit tougher to stick my (diet) rule of thumb which is ‘if it has been in a lab it probably isnt good for me’. However, I do my best to stick to products with ingredients I can say, and I stay away from gimmicks.

On this page I will simply list the products (vitamins, creams, treatments, etc) that work really well for me but will include the link to the blog post describing its benefits. If you have some ideas you would like to share with us endo//UC warriors please contact me so I can check them out and share with the world.

Webber Naturals Women’s Most Complete Multi  blog report here