The Tango Between Two Diseases

I feel like my endo and my UC have been doing the tango, competing for first prize. On days when my UC  tends to be on the quiet side, my endo craves to steal the scene and do a few painful twirls on my diaphragm. Then they swap back and forth - never a dull … Continue reading The Tango Between Two Diseases


The Endometriosis Coalition

I finally saw a specialist this week who was able to semi-confirm I have endo on my diaphragm, hip, and deep within my abdomen. They kept using the term 'rare'. "your pain path is very rare", "the location of your endo is very rare".... and I just started to feel a little bit... helpless. When … Continue reading The Endometriosis Coalition

Syng Pharma aimed at a long term treatment for endometriosis

I was introduced to a company called Syng Pharmaceuticals who is working on a long term treatment for endometriosis. Nobody wants to throw the C ('cure') word around lightly but I was very impressed with the science behind this. Vinay Singh, CEO of Syng Pharmaceuticals, shared with me the science behind this company including some … Continue reading Syng Pharma aimed at a long term treatment for endometriosis